NFC chips or tags can be embedded into ‘smart posters’, product packaging, magazine ads, promotional items, and more.

Make sure that you select the right chip size for the task you need;- An Ultralight chip has 46bytes, big enough for a phone toggle task, but you will need a 1k chip for a V-card

By simply tapping an NFC-enabled smartphone to a ‘smart poster’, consumers can gain instant access to a world of rich media, including product information, videos, special offers, coupons, music, ticketing, and more. NFC can also be used for identification or authentication purposes (e.g. check in at the airport or a hotel)
Create phone tasks, Toggle Bluetooth, link to a website, Automate a sms

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NFC RFID Labels 50 pack
NFC 1k Adhesive Labels Label size 15mm x 30mm Small Form Factor is perfect for all NFC appl..
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